Oshawa On Facebook

This isn’t intended to be a complete list. Just about every business, organization, government agency and political candidate will have their own page or group, but if you’re new to Oshawa or looking to branch out, these are some good groups to get you started. They are, in my experience, well maintained and moderated.

Downtown Oshawa – Almost 23 thousand members, would be more than 10% of the city if they were all from Oshawa. It’s not everything that’s happening in Oshawa, or everything worthy of discussion, but if you have a question it’s not a bad place to ask it.

Our Oshawa – This group, like the Downtown Oshawa one above is run by Robert Bell, a local real estate agent who does an excellent job of keeping his groups free from spam, scams, abuse and personal attacks.

Vintage Oshawa – Vintage Oshawa – Whether it’s vintage cars at the Canadian Automotive Museum, or Classic Albums Live concerts and old movies at the Regent Theatre, Oshawa is a town that thrives on retro. Vintage Oshawa is a place where Oshawa celebrates its history.